The Dance of the Skulls (short story)

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The Dance of the Skulls
The Dance of the Skulls cover.jpg
Author(s) David Annandale
Cover Artist Kevin Chin
Released 2017
ISBN 978-1-78572-862-4
Preceded by Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)
Followed by Obsidian (short story)‎

The Dance of the Skulls (short story) is a short story by David Annandale which describes Queen Neferata visiting the royal palace in Mortannis and its ruler Queen Ahalaset and her ally Lord Nagen of Nachtwache. [1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Dance of the Skulls (short story)

With her domains within the Realm of Shyish no longer under direct threat from the forces of Chaos, Queen Neferata visits the rulers of two neighbouring city states who have, in her opinion grown to close. She is accompanied by her handmaidens and her armies await her word outside the walls, but she is sure it is a trap. An assassination attempt is made but the outcome is not what her rival’s desire. [1]

The story describes the lavish entertainment that is laid on for her including the Dance of the Skulls of the title which involves both vampire and mortal nobles indulging in considerable formal bloodletting as well as the sacrifice of slaves. [1]


Shhhhh, You did very well. You came closer to succeeding than you think. Your queen should be grateful to you. Or is it your lord? No, you are one of Ahalaset’s playthings. Your queen decided to control all of the details of my assassination. She was correct to do so, even though she failed.’

~Neferata to the assassin.[1]