Chosen Axes

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Chosen Axes 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Fyreslayers
Sub-Faction Vostarg
Leader Fjul-Grimnir
Members Tefk Flamebearer
Vol Orrukbane
Mad Maegrim

The Chosen Axes are a warband whose members are Fyreslayers of the Vostarg Lodge. They are led by Auric Runefather Fjul-Grimnir who has sacrificed his birth right to seek the city of Shadespire's redemption and hence fulfil ancient oaths.[2]



The Chosen Axes are a hand-picked warband of elite Fyreslayers that were chosen to accompany the mighty Runefather Fjul-Grimnir of the Vostarg. In time, all their named passed into legend alongside their liege: Tefk Flamebearer, Vol Orrukbane, and Mad Maegrim. Endless battles honed these warriors' fighting skills, and their skin had hardened with so many scars that only the best-aimed strikes can now wound them.[5a]

Venture Into the Mirrored City

Honour and fulfilling oaths are paramount to all Fyreslayers, and none more so than the Vostarg Lodge. For many centuries, a terrible blemish marred their legacy: the failure to protect the city of Shadespire from the vengeance of Nagash. Many Vostarg warriors willingly entered the twilight realm of the Mirrored City, determined to remove the curse that haunted it. None were ever seen again, it seem that the lodge's honour would never be restored. Fjul-Grimnir took it upon himself to fulfil the ancient oath, and marched into Shadespire alongside his Chosen Axes, determined to shatter the spell.[5a]


For many long years it was assumed that Fjul-Grimnir was dead. Yet rumours have reached the Vostarg hearth-halls that the Katophrane Curse of Shadespire had been broken, and the Chosen Axes had returned triumphantly to the lands of the living, having fulfilled the Vostarg's longstanding debt. However, such tidings are seen as a mixed blessing, because Fjul-Grimnir's claim to leadership of the Vostarg Lodge is at least as strong as its current master: Fjul-Grimnir's great grandson, Bael-Grimnir.[5a]



Main article: Fjul-Grimnir

Fjul-Grimnir is the leader of the Chosen Axes. The former Runefather sacrificed his birthright to leadership of the Vostarg Lodge to enter the Mirrored City and uphold his oath to the city of Shadespire. His quest to end the Katophrane Curse and restore the honour of his people[5a] finally came to a close at the curse's breaking at the end of the Soul Wars.[6a] He is the grandfather of the current master of the Vostarg Lodge, Bael-Grimnir, and his return (and claim to leadership) has become a matter of contention with the lodge.[5a]

Tefk Flamebearer

Main article: Tefk Flamebearer

Tefk Flamebearer is Fjul-Grimnir's loyal right hand. Even long years spent transversing the nightmarish labyrinth of Shadespire have not dulled his ebullient spirit.[7]

Vol Orrukbane

Main article: Vol Orrukbane

The eldest of Fjul-Grimnir's band, Vol Orrukbane is a talespinner and war-chanter. He enjoys nothing more than bellowing songs of glory and heroism while he carves into Fjul-Grimnir's foes with his great axe.[7]

Mad Maegrim

Main article: Mad Maegrim

Mad Maegrim was always a little unhinged, even before he took a gargant's hurled boulder to the head. He might be unpredictable, and occasionally loses himself to battle frenzy, but Fjul-Grimnir has never doubted Maegrim's loyalty or selfless bravery.[7]



Stand aside for the warriors of Vostarg have claimed these treasures as their own

~Tefk Flamebearer.[3]


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