The Realmgate Wars: Bridge of Seven Sorrows

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Bridge of Seven Sorrows
Bridge of Seven Sorrows Audio Cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Released January 2016
Preceded by The Lords of Helstone

The Realmgate Wars: Bridge of Seven Sorrows is a short story by Josh Reynolds which describes the quest of the Stormcast Eternals to find Nagash.[1] It is a fourth story in the 'Hunt for Nagash' series.[2]

Also released in the Anthology Mortarch of Night.[3]


Finally, the Hallowed Knights reach their goal: the underworlds of Shyish and an audience with Nagash himself. On the Bridge of Seven Sorrows, Lord-Celestant Tarsus will meet his destiny.[1]

A battered and broken force of Stormcast Eternals, a sly and treacherous vampire, and the Supreme Lord of the Undead himself... not the start of a joke, but the situation here. And what happens certainly isn't funny for the Hallowed Knights...[1]

At last, the great search for the Nine Gates is over as Tarsus and the Hallowed Knights reach the lair of the Great Necromancer himself, Nagash. Here, in the dark hollows of one of the underworlds of Shyish, the Stormcast Eternals will meet their fate. As they stand in the shadow of death, they must trust that their vampiric guide, Mannfred von Carstein, has not played them false.[1]