The Bone Desert (short story)

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The Bone Desert
The Bone Desert cover.jpg
Author(s) Robbie MacNiven
Cover Artist Thomas Duchek
Released 2018
Pages 122
ISBN 13: 978 1 78496 797 0
Preceded by One, untended
Followed by The Neverspike

The Bone Desert is a short story by Robbie MacNiven. It describes a journey across the named desert by Gotrek Gurnisson and his reluctant companion, Maleneth Witchblade. [1]


Having left Hammerhal far behind, Gotrek and Maleneth make their way across the expanse of the Bone Desert in search of clues about the Slayer's lost axe. As they travel they suffer repeated attempts to assassinate them - Gotrek assumes it is the work of his Skaven nemesis from another world but is he really the target? [1]