The Arkanaut's Oath (novel)

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The Arkanaut's Oath
The Arkanaut's Oath cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Guy Haley
Released August 2022
Preceded by The Skyborne Grudge
Followed by The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz

The Arkanaut's Oath is a novel by Guy Haley and published by Black Library.[1]

Cover Description[1]

Drekki Flynt! Captain of the Aelsling, known throughout the Skyshoals of Achromia! Say his name and make half a tavern starry-eyed, while the other half mutters about how much money he owes them.

Drekki Flynt! Uncommonly tall for a duardin – an adventurer, an endrineer, a wit, and a self-proclaimed genius.

Drekki Flynt... is in trouble.

Lured by the promise of a lucrative contract, Drekki finds himself at the mercy of his nemesis, Rogi Throkk, who gives him an ultimatum – recover the fabled talisman of Achromia, or die. As it is, Drekki will probably die anyway, but that's really not Throkk's problem. Braving perils including – but not limited to – giant air-beasts, grot pirates, and terrible storms, the crew of the Aelsling is sucked into a conspiracy that will see an ancient empire rise again, or fall forever to Chaos...