The Amethyst Stave

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The Amethyst Stave
The Amethyst Stave cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Tom Horth
Released 2020
Pages 111
ISBN 978-180026-043-6
Followed by The Cursing of Summersong

The Amethyst Stave is a novella by Tom Horth for Hachette Partworks Ltd created in conjunction with Games Workshop. [1]

The first in the series of three special novella. [1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Amethyst Stave

In Lyria Orric Ravenscar and Xandria Azurebolt fight against the Briar Queen and her Nighthaunts to secure an ancient artefact that once belonged to the Necromancer Gotho Orran. [1]