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Thaelire was a Witch Aelf Sorceress of the Kharumathi Sect. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Covens of Blood

She was considered to be eccentric as she preferred males as lovers, even keeping a pair of rune etched Doomfire Warlocks as her pets. [1a] The sorceress often claimed captives with magical skills or powers so she could extract it from them to enhance her own - on occasion she would even set them free afterwards! For this reason she was considered quite soft hearted by her sisters in the sect. [1b]

Thaelire was a close friend of Nepenora, who often warned her to be more circumspect in her criticism of the Hag Queen Rhaelanthe. [1a] By the time the mission to Redhollow was given to them, she had become sick and tired of the treacherous nature of her people's society and knew that it was likely she would soon be killed. [1g]


Like many Witch-aelves she was pale and slender [1f] but she often changed her hair colour. [1]


Thaelire claimed a human wizard during a raid, evading demands to sacrifice him by Rhaelanthe whilst she interrogated him about his arts. She extracted much of his ability to read omens and for prophercy. [1b]

She and her sisters gathered to greet, Myrcalene the emissary of the High Oracle who set the sect a task, to retrieve the Gorgeclaw Claw from the Blooodbound at Redhollow Ruin. [1a] Taking her morning tea with Nepenora next morning, she expressed her worries about the mission and Rhaelanthe but they agreed not to risk moving against her until after the Hag Queen had proved (once again) her deficiencies. Thaelire then gave the human wizard to Nepenora to sacrifice and gain a sing from Khaine. [1b]

Knowing that they were passing through the Argental Gate she equipped her Witch-aelves with grey silk cloaks woven in the Realm of Ulgu to protect them from the blazing red sun on the other side in the Realm of Aqshy. She was able to spare cloaks for Nepenora and some of her warriors, lamenting the lack of preperation of their leader. [1c]

When local tribespeople were captured, they were given to Thaelire to use her blood magic to extract information on the area. She wanted more time with them, but Rhaelanthe had them sacrificed time and again. Her protests drew the Hag Queens ire, asking if the sorceress wanted to officially challenge her, which Thaelire quickly refused.[1c]

Nepenora discovered a camp of the Stormcast Eternals near their target and Thaelite urged Rhaelanthe to contact and work with them. She was refused and again provoked the queen, receiving a blow and a demand of submission. She and her friend were then dispatched to scout out Redhollow Ruin. Nearing it, Thaelire used her magic to cloak Nepenora and thirteen of her sisters but then set out to make contact with the Stormcast. [1e]

At the camp she received a cautious welcome and met with Lord-Aquilor Othoros offering an alliance against the forces of Khorne in Redhollow. When Othoros was politely sceptical of what they could offer to him, she demonstrated her potent magic, using his blood to draw memories that even he had forgotten. She then tasted the blood of his subordinate, Etanios and was amused and interested to note he could still feel desire. As he escorted her from the camp, she gave him a token to allow him to find their camp. [1f]

Rhaelanthe now ordered her to conceal as many warriors as she could, whatever it cost her. [1h] Exhausted, she barely made it past the corpseclaws that defended the entrance but she made it through as did of own witch-aelves. There the Daughters of Khaine were confronted by Graelakh the Gore-Gorger, his bloodsworn screamers, Quill-cats and enslaved conscripts. [1h]

After the Hag Queen was defeated by the apparently unkillable Graelakh, Neperona and her remaining sisters were led back to camp by Fearlorn where Myrcalene appeared once more and demanded that they return and reclaim the artefact. To Neperona's shock, once the Melusai appeared to have departed, Thaelire suggested one option was to kill the High Oracle's handmaiden as they might have more chance against her. As further alternative sge suggested that they join forces with the Stormcast Eternals which had a more positive reception. [1i]

She visited the camp once more and finding that her arrival was equally well received by Etanios flirted with him as she questioned him about his existence. [1j] When Othoros returned she offered him the memories of her sisters that had been within Redhollow if he joined with the survivors to kill Graelakh and retrieve the artefact. When he agreed, she told them that her magic could for a time make the Stormcast appear as aelves, making it more likely Graelakh would attack. [1k]

The plan worked and the bloodbound were destroyed, but with the battle nearly won, Graelakh found Thaelire in the swirling ash and would have killed her if Etanios had not saved her. [1l] During the battle, both her Warlocks were slain and when they presented their prize to Myrcalene, the Handmaiden proclaimed Neperona as the new Hag Queen of the Kharumathi. However she also tasked her with slaying a sister disloyal to the High Oracle - Thaelire. For her part, the sorceress was not surprised and knelt quietly before the cauldron for her friend to take her life. [1k]

It was later revealed however that she and her warlocks had faked their deaths in the previous conflicts by casting shadow illusions on eachother and gone into hiding. Thaelire, Fearlorn and Ystrael had been in Anvilgard just prior to Morathi's invasion and managed to assist Etanios who also happened to be in the city at the time [2a]. Having developed a genuine fondness for the Stormcast she offered to help him escape the city with the intention of having him inform Sigmar of Morathi's actions. When Etanios inquired why she wished Sigmars wrath on her former mistress she revealed that she blamed Morathi for the recent death of her friend Neperona and Sigmars wrath would distract Morathi from any attempts to pursue her or her warlocks[2a].

Using her shadow magic she concealed them while also creating a mystical connection between them to help the spell. While her warlocks went ahead to prepare a boat the two used the underground tunnels to make their way to the docks. Taking great care not to arouse Morathi's attention as she was leading the siege of the city. However Etanios revealed their cover near the harbour when he choose to save some fleeing civilians from a group of Sisters of Slaugter [2b]. This was further exasperated when Morathi herself and a group of Daughters of Khaine confronted the Stormcast. Knowing that Etanios could not be captured and with his consent she used their magical bond to kill him so he could return to Azyr [2b].

However Morathi ensnared his soul and demanded to know who had performed a blood ritual on him. Thaelire while in hiding used her magic to hypnotize Morathi's followers into attacking Morathi herself. While she effortlessly cut them down the distraction gave Etanios soul freedom to escape Anvilgard skyward. Just before their link was severed Thaelire bid farewell to the Stormcast and hoped to find him again someday. Etanios was content that he could now warn Sigmar and that the civilians he had saved had managed to escape by boat as Morathi in a rage destroyed part of the dock in magical explosion. As for Thaelire and her warlocks they appeared to had vanished [2b].


She used her magic for many things, including enhancing her appearance - for instance painting her fingernails with her captives crystalised blood. [1b]


Thaelire kept two Doomfire Warlock as assistants and as lovers, notably allowing them much more leeway than was usual in Leathanam and rather than punishing them for infractions seemed amused by them. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

Thaelire was a masterful sorceress, but she was considered clumsy with a Sciansá compared to her sisters, even a girl still in training could defeat her. [1c] She and her Warlocks could weave spells to shield the entire encampment from onlookers. [1d] She carried a bone handled blade in a sheath of red silk which she used to draw blood for her spells. [1f] Using enchanted bone pens and parchment she could communicate with others over considerable distance. [1g]


Then she kills me. We need allies, Neperona. Mistrust has always been the weakness of our people, and we can ill afford it now.'

~Thaelire to Nepenora.[1e]

You could have let me die. You should have. Death is the only way to break our enslavement, Stormcast. Haven't you seen that by now? All our gods are gods of war, and they bring us all to ruin. Only in dying can you finally escape their game.'

~Thaelire to Etanios.[1l]


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