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Terrorgheists are bloodthirsty undead bat-beasts of gigantic size that often serve as mounts for the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings of the Flesh-Eater Courts and beasts of war for the Soulblight Gravelords. They have ragged wings made of exposed bone and a large daemonic skull filled with a prominent teeth and a long tongue.[1b][2][3][6]


Terrorgheists are the remnants of an ancient chiropteran race. Once the largest of Morbheg's line, they used to prey upon megafauna and leeched them dry of blood. Many were hunted to extinction or otherwise starved when the spread of civilisation robbed them of their favoured prey, and they retreated into caves and vaults to die, embittered and voracious. It was these corpses that early necromancers discovered and raised as Terrorgheists, their hunger now magnified by the dark magic that animates them.[1a][1b][4][5][6][7]


A Terrorgheist's animus is directly tied to the will of their king and unwittingly draws upon the dark power that infuses the abhorrants with rejuvenating energies. They rip their foes with skeletal claws and their fanged maws, but are most known their death shriek: a sonic blast once used only to stun while it drained it's victims blood and now a supernaturally intense sonic blast that can stop or explode the heart of a warrior or freeze their lifeblood.[1a][1b][4][5]

Death and Rebirth

Bats are known to nest inside a Terrorgheist when it sleeps in the dark places of the realms. When a Terrorgheist is destroyed, it explodes into a swarm of bats that feast on those nearby. These bat spawn can be nourished with the blood and magic of a ghoul king, causing it to grow into another Terrorgheist.[1a][1b][4][5]


While they are mostly associated with the abhorrants of Ushoran as they find kinship with these creatures, Soulblight vampires also seek out Terrorgheists to add to their menageries, and not entirely for battle. The Terrorgheist is a feared symbol of Shyish across the realms, an undead alpha-predator that the Soulblight nobility honour. Goblets overflowing with fresh blood are raised in toast to Morbheg, the dreaded father of Terrorgheists, who is said to have supped upon the ichor of godbeasts, and many dynasties incorporate the Terrorgheist into their elaborate coats of arms. The Khirogarvii of Ghur, an offshoot of the Avengorii dynasty, even worship every Terrorgheist as a shard of Nagash’s black soul, cladding themselves in armour and capes made from Terrorgheist remains to better achieve communion with the Great Necromancer.[6]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Screeching Leviathan Beasts of the Grave Terrorgheist Terrorgheist A terrorgheist which lives in the Gorehaunt Skytree.
Synork Spinebat Beasts of the Grave Terrorgheist Terrorgheist A terrorgheist that hunts the Wraith Moons.



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