Tephra Crater

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The Tephra Crater is a crater located in Klaxus in the Realm of Fire. Its ashen slopes are covered in palisades build from volcanic rock and trees from the rim of the crater and the barrows of a fallen people. Acid rain drops from the sky, creating clouds of ash. To the south there are the basalt gates that led to the Rim-Citadel of Ytalan. To the west there was an ancient duardin road that led through the Raxulian Lava-Tubes. To the north there is the Mandrake Bastion.[1]

Many Warrior-chambers of the Stormcast Eternals landed, including the Beast-Bane, the Adamantine and the Stormforged, at the center of the crater and climbed their way up to various campaigns. [1]

Ashen Jungle

The Ashen Jungle is a jungle in the Realm of Fire tamed by the malign power of the priest kings of Klaxus using the Tzeentchian power of the Sulphur Citadel.[2]