Temple of Silence (novel)

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Temple of Silence
Temple of Silence novel cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Richard Strachan
Released December 2, 2023
Preceded by Shadowglass Creek (short story)

Temple of Silence is a novel by Richard Strachan.[1]

Cover Description[1]

The intrepid Galen and Doralia ven Denst continue their adventures in this new novel. The father and daughter return from a taxing mission, seeking solace in the mysterious Temple of Silence, only to find it houses a dark secret.

Moonhallow harbours a dreadful secret, and it keeps the populace in a perpetual state of anxiety – not that the town's ruthless arbiter is prepared to do anything about it.

Across the great forest to Moonhallow's east, Galen and Doralia Ven Denst return from a gruelling mission for the Order of Azyr, seeking shelter in the mysterious Temple of Silence. However, the two witch hunters won't get much in the way of a warm welcome from the strange priests that reside there as the temple has its own secret, the ramifications of which are inextricably tied to the fate of Moonhallow. When night falls, terrors whose truths are too dangerous to speak come from the trees.