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Tavyat of Sayron is a warrior in the service of the Order of Azyr, formerly companion to Ammos Varon. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Thieves' Paradise (novella)


She is stocky in build and small in height with a ruddy face, her hair hacked short. Her muscles strain against the blue habit and coat she wears, across her chest is a bandoleer of hatchets and knives and she carries her broadsword sheathed diagonally across her back. [1a]


When Ammos Varon sought the phylactery of the ancient mage, Valagharr she accompanied him, being with him when he recruited Shevanya Arclis to reach the Stormvault at the centre of the Latchkey Isle. [1a]

With his dying words Ammos tasked Tavyat with keeping Shevanya and the phylactery safe. [1c]


Ammos Varon is my sword companion. He has saved my life on many occasions, and I have sworn a life-oath to his service. He is tired from our long journey, and wearied by the demands of his duty. Do not question him again.

~ Tavyat to Shevanya Arclis..[1b]


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