Tarlach Malthar

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Tarlach Malthar is an adventuer and diarist who published his Travels in Shyish. [1]


He travelled to the Realm of Shyish arriving first in Glymmsforge where he set out to explore its catacombs - there he and his guards were set upon by a Chainrasp horde and as his men were being stabbed and torn apart he fled in terror. [1]

By day 20 he had reached Redstone Barrow, now accompanied by a wizard and Stormcast Eternals which was fortunate as Myrmourn Banshees appeared out of the mist and quickly slew the wizard with their Chill Daggers before the Stormcast drove them off. [2] On Day 56 in Morthaven, they came across the remains of a caravan that the lone survivor told them they had been attacked by Glaivewraith Stalkers. [3]

Known Works

  • Musings on the Realms : A Guide for the Curious. [4]
  • Travels in Shyish. [1][2]


I fear my dreams shall be haunted by nightmarish wails and shrouded, ghostly skulls.

~ from Travels in Shyish, Day 20..[1]

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