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Targug, known as the Cleaver - and also as the Bane of the Templian Guild of Mercadors and (according to him) the Eater of Amardas - is an ogor pirate warlord active off the coast of Rondhol in Ghur.[2a]


Torglug is a one-eyed ogor. His facial features are heavy and craggy like a mountain range.[1a]


He carries a heavy blackpowder firearm. It would be like a rifle in a human's hands, but he uses it as a pistol.[1a]


Targug supposedly gained command of his ship, the Mauler, by eating its former captain alive.[1a] Since then, he has been a thorn in the side of nearly every group along the coast. Among his more infamous actions:

  • Destroying the temple of Sigmar the Avenger on the Daggertooth Coast of Thondia and plundering its remains.[1a]
  • Drowning a number of duardin trade pioneers in casks of blood-grog and then eating them after they'd been properly pickled in the alcohol.[1a]
  • Killing a Butcher of the Meatfist mawtribe for having the same epithet as him and taking several of the tribe's mawpots for the insult.[1a]
  • Killing the sea-wyrm Mirkath, taking its hoard, and using the wyrm's skin as a sail for the Mauler.[1a]
  • Ransacking the ruins of the Half-Moon Kingdoms. Ever since, ogors in the area have assumed bestial forms under Gnorl's light.[1a]
  • Rampaging across the Lynx's Crescent, killing, skinning, and eating whatever local wildlife he and his crew could find, enraging both Kharadron merchants due to ruining the trade in lynx pelts and the local Sylvaneth for burning the forests.[2a]