Tarantulos Brood

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Darkoath Savagers (left) fighting Tarantulos Brood (right).

The Tarantulos Brood are a Chaos Cult that worship Chaos as the Eightfold Watcher.[1a]


The Tarantulos Brood worship Chaos as the Eightfold Watcher, a shadow-dwelling, arachnoid presence.[2] They believe it is this bloated horror that binds all life together in strands of turmoil. Through deliberate, analytical and utterly compassionless means, they pursue their obsession of uplifting mortalkind. The form they would 'uplift' themselves mirrors that of a spider - for, as the Brood preaches, the eight limbs and eyes of the spider are reflected in everything from the tally of the realms to the umber of points on the sacred star of Chaos.[1a]


Using the blood of tainted arachnids and other transmutative ingredients, varanite being amongst the most prized, the expert stalkers and trappers of the Brood perform profane rituals and employ bubbling potions to rewrite the laws of flesh. Specifically, they are interested in inducing mutations that mirror the sacred spider-form. Their most infamous trait, however, is the unity in which they act - almost like a psychic gestalt. Whatever the source of this phenomenon, it allows the Tarantulos to commune with spiders that invetibly accompany them. Many enemies have been overwhelmed by these creatures, eighter brought down by hundreds of tiny venomous bits or feasted upon by creatures swollen to terrifying size.[1a] Tarantulos warbands fight without rancour, though they take a malicious glee in employing their mutant abilities against their enemies. They are more willing than some to retreat in the face of danger, but only so that they may return on more favourable terms later, believing there is no need to rush once the enemy is trapped in their web.[1b]



The Broodmaster leads its warband with the fury and devotion of a fanatic. Its blades are a frenzied flurry of sharpened death, and its inhuman speed ensures all will feel their sting.[2]


Doomweavers form the upper echelons of the brood, identifiable by their chitinous wraps and the spiderwebs with which they adorn themselves. The masks they wear are taken from dead arachnids and pay homage to the Eightfold Watcher they serve. Doomweavers are as dangerous in combat as they are fanatical in service to their deity. An array of versatile weaponry allows them to strike with all the vicious speed of the creature to which they pay fealty.[2]


The Broodkin are the warband's most junior acolytes – they dwell with, and even fight beside, the lesser spiders found in their domain. Broodkin yearn for the mutations displayed by their betters, and willingly offer themselves as food for spiders. The resulting bites litter their bodies. They battle desperately with conventional weaponry and spider parts alike, utilising claws and teeth in the hopes of earning the praise of the Eightfold Watcher.[2]



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