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The Tangrim lodge emblem

The Tangrim Lodge are a Fyreslayer Lodge who have a forge-temple in the Realm of Azyr.[1a]

They are known to be a grim and honorable folk, often allying with the Stormhosts of the God-King. They also fiercely refuse to accept coin or contract from the forces of the Dark Gods, though whether this is a moral or practical choice, as they operate in Sigmar's realm, is unknown.[1a]


After aiding the Hammers of Sigmar in securing a Realmgate, the Tangrim are paid in gold from Azyr. News that this gold had traces of Ur-Gold in it, quickly spreads to all the lodges of the Fyreslayers[1d]

Many Fyreslayer Lodges offered their mercenary services to the cities of Sigmar's expanding empire during the early days of the Age of Sigmar. They scoured ogors, orruks, and beastmen from the lands claimed by these new Free Cities. The Tangrim were one the Lodges that chose to deepen their ties with the cities of Order, going so far as to build a forge-temple in the city of Azyrheim.[1c]


After immigrating to Azyr, many of the warriors of this lodge begin to streak their beards with dyes the color of the stars.[1b]


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