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REALMSTONE The raw magical energy of the Mortal Realms can coalesce into physical forms, varying in appearance and properties according to the energy from which they manifested. It occurs naturally in each realm and is heavily concentrated at realm’s edge — though a mortal is likely to die before reaching it. Realmstone can also form over long periods of time, in places where ley lines or mystic power pools within a realm. At other times, it can form due to a particularly powerful mystical event. The resulting material is most often referred to as ‘realmstone’ and it is the most valuable material across the realms. Even a small piece can be used to work great arcane feats and larger amounts are the basis of many an artefact; realmstone forms the cornerstone of commerce between the Mortal Realms. All realmstones hold useful arcane power, with the different types having additional unique properties as well. THE CURSE OF REALMSTONE Despite the extraordinary worth and numerous properties of realmstone, many fear it with good cause. Misfortunes and calamities frequently strike those who traffic in, or make regular use of, realmstone. Tales of derangements and hideous mutations are bound with the names of wizards who were not judicious in their use of it and only a fool underestimates how dangerous it can be. Aetherquartz of Hysh The yellow-white beams of Hysh’s illuminating energy could not be contained till Teclis taught his followers the secret of capturing them in crystal. The resulting gleaming crystals are known as aetherquartz. Aetherquartz can be used to speed the thoughts and actions of its bearers, as well as concentrating or disrupting magical energy. Amber Bonesof Ghur To appearance and heft, the realmstones of Ghur seem to be ancient bones that have fossillised into stone, but emit a subtle amber glow. It can be used to bring forth the primal, violent nature of many beings and greatly aids in transformative magics wizards use to shapeshift into animals. Celestium of Azyr The shining realmstone of Azyr does not manifest on the realm’s surface, rather, it falls as shimmering motes from the tails of shooting stars and plummeting meteors. A single gleaming speck of celestium can darken the skies with thunder clouds, or power one of the vast orreries of Azyrheim for days. Chamonite of Chamon The utterly malleable realmstone of Chamon resembles liquid quicksilver, though left alone it takes a globular form, and has staggering transformative properties. Chamonite can be forged with nearly any other metal to create alloys with amazing properties. Alchemical potions derived using it have a near-limitless range of applications. (Soulbound Core Rulebook, p. 262)

Looking, at first, like brilliantly emerald hued shards of ice, cyclestone melts into a bright green puddle, which slowly evaporates into a cloud, and then solidifying back into ice. Healing potions and peerless crop agents are derived from cyclestone, and its diluted form is an integral ingredient in Aqua Ghyranis. The Sylvaneth use it to power the waystones which keep their glades hidden. Emberstone of Aqshy Appearing as ever-burning coals, emberstone exudes waves of intense emotion as well as heat. Those directly exposed to it for too long grow furiously, uncontrollably, angry. While it can be used in devices that manipulate flame or emotions, it is particularly desired for its uses in forging incomparable weapons. Falsestone of Ulgu The stuff of illusion, falsestone hides itself, appearing as a patch of moss, a discarded plate, a nondescript rock. Only Witch-Sight can perceive its true form: a grey mist of gossamer cobwebs shifting in an unfelt breeze. With it, one can spin illusions that can kill and falsehoods that can corrupt truth. Grave-sand of Shyish The realmstone of Shyish is a coarse crystalline substance. Each grain is said to be attuned to a mortal creature, its flow marking their span upon the realms. It has vast power to affect life and death. With enough grave-sand, amethyst magic can nullify ageing or reanimate whole armies of the dead. Warpstone of Chaos Warpstone is solidified Chaos and one of the most dangerous of all the realmstones. It most frequently appears as a shadowy black substance that sheds an unwholesome greenish radiance. Warpstone occurs naturally in the Skaven stronghold of Blight City, and can readily power nearly any arcane device and amplify the potency of spells. It invariably causes mutation and ruin, though this is of little concern to the Skaven, who have put it to terrifying use in their terrible warpstone devices. Varanite Corruption in liquid form, the realmstone of the Eightpoints is suffused with raw Chaos energy and the blood of the slain. This incredibly dangerous fluid resembles red-hot gore. Touching it leads to a fatal death brought on by hideous, spontaneous mutation. Weapons forged from solidified Varanite are exceedingly rare and unspeakably deadly. (Soulbound Core Rulebook, p. 263)