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The whole Audience with Nagash section should be resumed into the battles that happened and their results. The rest should be moved to their Warrior-Chamber page and character pages.--Ashendant (talk) 17:16, 26 January 2016 (MST)

"After defeating more Bloodbound and freeing Ashigaroth too, Mannfred and the Hallowed Knights crossed a desert made of blood reduced to powder, also rescuing a bunch of pilgrims from other Bloodbound led by a champion called Gorewolf. Seeing the coming of an immense sandstorm, they marched to the temple of Final Rest to take shelter. The temple was inhabited by about seventy vampire priests, who allowed the pilgrims to live in return for blood. These vampires once fought to protect the pilgrims from the forces of Chaos, so they rewarded them with blood. With the return of the Bloodbound, Tarsus sought the help of the vampires, but they explained they would never have fought again. Mannfred and the Hallowed Knights held the Bloodbound at bay outside and inside the temple, but the heat of the battle revealed the true nature of these vampires. Some of them transformed in Varghulfs, which killed Gorewolf and knocked down Tarsus. Mannfred drove Varghulfs back and saved Tarsus. After the end of the storm, Mannfred and the Hallowed Knights left the temple and continued their journey.[6]
They arrived at Helstone, a huge city with ninety-nine underground levels in which they were ambushed by Nurgle Beastmen. After defeating them, Mannfred described Helstone as a city destroyed by the force of Chaos after Nagash was defeated by Archaon at the Battle of Black Skies[4]. Nevertheless, Helstone wasn't deserted, but it was infested by ghouls. Mannfred explained the Gates of Styigix had no fixed position, but they shifted places every nine moons, so they needed an artifact hidden in Helstone. To find the artifact, Mannfred took control of ghouls, ordering them to look for it, while Tarsus and Hallowed Knights set a camp to rest and wait. The peace wasn't long, because Nurgle's followers returned, this time with Blightkings and a Nurgle sorcerer. The battle was hard and Tarsus thought Mannfred had betrayed them, but the vampire soon returned with his ghouls. Raising more undead warriors, the Hallowed Knights successfully repelled their enemies and Tarsus killed the Nurgle sorcerer on top of a tower. The battle was over and Mannfred had found the artifact. After the battle, Tarsus recovered his memories from his life before he was transformed by Sigmar. He recalled being prince Tarsem of Helstone and he understood why he trusted Mannfred although he was a vampire. Mannfred was there, fighting alongside the people of Helstone, then he escaped and Tarsem died praying Sigmar while facing a Bloodthirster. He recalled all his memories before being reforged, but he didn't want to share them with Mannfred, so they went on, leaving Helstone behind them.[7]
After travelling across wastelands and mountains, the Hallowed Knights fought Chaos followers once more, but this time there weren't only Bloodbound. Khorne Bloodbound fought Nurgle Rotbringers who in turn fought Tzeentch followers. Following Mannfred, Tarsus and his Stormcast avoided combat, finally finding the gates to the Underworld. Nonetheless, these gates weren't unguarded. The first Khorne Bloodbound who tried to surpass them were still there, killed and turned in wights by Nagash, taking the name of Desolated Legion. Mannfred tried to control them, but it was useless. Reduced to only sixty Stormcast, they were forced to fight again. They had to retreat into the archway of the gates, looking for another way. They found the Bridge of Seven Sorrows, but Nagash's gatekeeper awaited them. It was Arkhan the Black, who refused to let them pass and awakened the spirits of the seven queens of Skull Isles, seven fearsome banshees. The Stormcast clashed with the seven queens while Mannfred fought Arkhan, until Nagash arrived. He didn't want to hear words from Sigmar, calling him a deceiver, a barbarian and a traitor. He only wanted to know the secret of Stormcast creation because every soul sent to Sigmar was a soul fewer to Nagash. That process was weakening Nagash and that was unacceptable for him. Nagash killed almost all the Stormcast, but Nagash prevented their souls from going back to Azyr. Tarsus told Mannfred o flee again, like he did in Helstone. Mannfred obeyed, but he was astonished by the sudden revelation. Tarsus eventually managed to distract Nagash, freeing his comrades' souls sacrificing himself. Nagash wasn't pleased and he was still enraged with Sigmar. He said he would have known his secret and that his 9999 legions gathered in darkness by his Mortarchs.[9]"
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