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Found This nitbit to be added here later about duardin sexuality.

">Amsaralka was breathtakingly beautiful. He took in her massive shoulders, her strong, heavy miner's arms. Her feet were delightfully huge, and he suspected the toes (he often dreamtof her toes, when life was slow) hidden behind her steel toe-caps to be exquisitely blunt. Her hair was gathered into two tresses, thick as an ogor's golden torcs, and as lustrous. Her face was wide and square, her eyes attractively far apart. She had a broad mouth and full lips, behind which hid white teeth as evenly placed as bricks. >Ulgathern reached up a broad finger and gently traced the downy hair on Amsaralka's jawline. Fine hair, softer than spun gold. >"Such a pretty nose," he murmured. "Like a rock chip." >He toyed with the end of her tress. She slapped his hand. "Leave that alone! We're not married. And if you're not the Runefather we won't ever be," she said glumly. >He shook it away and said wolfishly, "maybe I should have a look at those toes first?" They both glanced down at her heavy boots. "Not before our wedding night!" she said sternly, then smiled. Also mentions that they touch noses like a kiss."

From Volturung Road--Ashendant (talk) 17:58, 5 December 2017 (MST)