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The Eye of Chotec plummeting toward Ghur

Talaxis, also known as the Eye of Chotec was a Seraphon void-ship that now lies broken across the tangled undergrowth of the Gnarlwood. Even by the standards of Seraphon star-faring vessels it was considered vast. The Eye of Chotec were not outfitted for warfare; instead its soarding halls of gold and obsidian were filled with archaeological relics of the Old Ones, recovered by the slann and their skink acolytes at great cost from across the cosmos. The precise function and purpose of many of these devices was unknown to the eldest Starmasters, and so they stored them upon the heavily defended Eye of Chotec. Guarded by spawnings of resolute saurus sentinels and layers of deadly glyph-wards, this enormous vessel was set adrift in the Aetheric Void, far away from the avaricious eyes of mortals and daemons - though like all void-ships it possessed the capability to land, should the need arise.[1a]

The ruins of Talaxis

The precise nature of the event that sent the Eye of Chotec plummeting from the heavens to crash into Thondia within the Realm of Beasts remains a mystery, but the iridescent flames that continue to engulf some portions of the ruined ship bear the the unmistakeable stench of sorcery, and lurid daemons have been sighted cavorting around these eternally blazing pyres. Whatever the truth, it appears that almost the entirety of the vessel's guardian crew was wiped out when the Eye of Chotec struck the realm, although some survived, and still dwell within the Gnarlwood. Desiring to recover whatever remains of the Eye of Chotec and its treasures, Lord Kroak has dispatched many of his trusted agents into the Gnarlwood, to judge what might be recovered. Yet even the Seraphon have suffered losses when transversing its monster-infested boughs. Some even believe that a predatory sentience inhabits the ruins of the wrecked void-ship, drawing the wrath of the wilds down upon any who dare stray into its territory, whatever their allegiance.[1a]