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'Szandor, known as Szandor the Cruel or Szandor the Proud was a human kingdom in western Shyish, where hymns to the Undying King were sung on high holy days and a tithe of flesh was offered to his servants.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Szandor was the last vestige of resistance against the hordes of Chaos in Western Shyish and the Mortarch of Blood. Neferata had used the kingdom the same way a warrior would use a blade. She used it to bleed and hold back her enemies for months, all to cover her own escape, until the kingdom finally broke and fell. When she finally fled she took with her the firstborn daughters of all the kingdom's great families with her, including the daughter of the king, Adhema.[1a]


The people of Szandor revered and worshiped Nagash the Undying King.[1a]

The family that reigned over the kingdom was a proud and cruel lineage, that believed blood was the best teacher. When Adhema, a princess of the kingdom, was young she was given archery lessons where peasants served as the targets, occasionally some of these screaming victims were even criminals.[1a]

Notable Inhabitants

Adhema: The firstborn daughter of the King of Szandor who reigned in the kingdom's last days. She, along with the firstborn daughters of all Szandor's great families, was taken by Neferata to serve her as an immortal Soulblight agent.[1a]