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General Synor is the commander of the Iron Bulls of Tarsus, a Freeguild regiment based in the city of Excelsis following the Realmgate Wars [1a]


He sports a well-maintained beard with a fine pair of mutton-chops, his hair copped short, showing grey amongst the black. Once his regiment was part of the standing garrison, his belly grew larger and he was often to be found with a lit spice-pipe. [1b] He carries a long broadsword, the basket hilt in the shape of a rearing bull. [1c]


His regiment took severe casualties fighting Orruks who were raiding through the Realmgate near to Excelsis, following which they were assigned to garrison duty in the city. He enjoyed this life including both pipe-spice and brandy.[1a]

Alerted to the rising rebellion by Hanniver Toll and Armand Callis he led his men to its heart at the Prophesier’s Guild, fighting hard against increasing enemies. As the fight became increasingly fierce he called down artillery fire from the Ironweld Arsenal from what had been the Hall of Justice, devastating the cultists and beastmen. [1c] Led by the general and the Old Lady, a steam tank, they pushed forward, but were subjected a powerful counter attack that left the steam tank destroyed and Synor trapped under his dead horse. As his men desperately fought on, Stormcast Eternals under Lord-Veritant Cerrus Sentanus finally arrived and turned the tide again, the two forces uniting to break through the enemy. [1c]

He survived the battle and recognising the potential in Callis, offered him a commission which he accepted – briefly. [1d]


Men of the Eighth. We have been betrayed. Heretics, worshippers of the Dark Gods and heathen monsters plan to destroy this city. Our city! Before you stand their twisted servants, and beyond them lies the great hall of the Prophesier’s Guild. This is where the arch-traitors Ortam Vermyre and Velorius Kryn cower, believing that the day is already won. Is that so, warriors of the Iron Bulls of Tarsus? Are you defeated yet?

~ Synor.[1c]