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Artefacts of the Glades

Artefacts of Power

Arcane Treasures
Name Description Notes
Spear of the Wild Hunt[2] A venerable weapon that glows with eldritch energy when it feels the wind on its blade, honing the edge to be razor-sharp when charging. It was gifted to Arch-Revenant Yamara by the Treelord Ancient Haaloforn.

Arcane Treasures

Arcane Treasures
Name Description Notes
Acorn of the Ages A unassuming looking acorn, its power allows the bearer to conjure entire woods.
Hagbane Spite Vicious and thankfully rare forest spites whose favoured prey are sorcerers.
Moonstone of the Hidden Ways A shard can reshape spirit paths to allow them to move rapidly.
Ranu’s Lamentiri The bearer is blessed with additional arcane power.
Tear of Grace A sacred artefact to the Harvestboon Glade, its magical power enhances the bearer.
The Silverwood' Circlet A crown that allows the wearer to cast their perception long distances.
Warsong Stave A sorcerer can use this staff to call upon the forest for aid.

Magical Artefacts

Magical Artefacts
Name Description Notes
Briarsheath The wearers true form is obscured by this branchcrest making it hard to be hit.
Daith’s Reaper No armour can resist this blade, crafted from the ever seam of Harrowgold.
Glamourweave Even when an enemy thinks they have struck true, this powerful enchantment can reveal they have cut nothing but air.
Ironbark Talisman A talisman forged by duardin for the Ironbark Glade to enhance the strength in battle of the wearer
Seed of Rebirth Even if the bearer is struck down and slain, this seed can bring them back to life to continue the fight.
The Oaken Armour The bark of the mighty Oak of Ages melds with the wearer and grants formidable protection.
Wraithstone Ghostly screams of those slain by the forest spirits are emitted from this crystal, terrifying the bearer’s enemies.


Name Wielder Notes
Doom Tendril Staff Treelord Ancient
Enchanted Blade Tree-Revenants
Greenwood Scythe Branchwych
Guardian Sword Spirit of Durthu
Kurnoth Greatbow Kurnoth Hunters
Kurnoth Greatsword Kurnoth Hunters
Kurnoth Scythe Kurnoth Hunters
Protector Glaive Tree-Revenants

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