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Syll'Esske leading the armies of Slaanesh in battle against Orruks

Syll'Esske, also known as The Vengeful Allegiance, is a Slaaneshi entity created by a permanent symbiotic bond between the two individual entities, the Herald of Slaanesh Syll Lewdtongue and her consort the Daemon Prince Esske.[1a][2][3a]



Syll Lewdtongue was a Herald of Slaanesh that inspired thousands of warlords to acts of tyranny and misrule, however Syll was spurned by Slaanesh's courtiers for growing too attached to those the Herald had chosen for inspiration. Esske was a hulking mortal war-slave fighting in the gladiatorial pits of Slaanesh's gardens who gained the attention of Syll. As Syll became his patron and only spoke wisdom resulting in his meteoric rise, becoming a champion swollen with the glory of Slaanesh and eventually a Daemon Prince. However as a former mortal, the Esske was considered a second-class citizen by other daemon courtiers and the frustration and humiliation soon gave way to rage.[1a][2]

In return for his rise it was Esske's sacrifice that allowed Syll to regain its previous form when it was slain by jealous rivals and turned into a Soul Grinder. When a Khornate blood legion invaded the Palace of Pleasure, the two defended the Dark Prince’s throne and gained the favour of the Dark Prince by defeating a trio of Bloodthirsters that had invaded his palace. Slaanesh granted them glorious powers which allowed them to wreck bloody revenge on their former tormentors. Slaanesh then dispatched them to strike back against the Blood God they crossed the Realm of Chaos, gathering a great horde of mutants, warrior acrobats and dancers from the wastelands of Tzeentch who they used to form a living pyramid to enter the citadel of Khorne, slaughtered many of the Bloodletters sent against them. Six heralds of Khrone are slain and have their heads mounted on the spike of the wall they defend before thousands of Flesh Hounds are unleashed. Sacrificing their followers, Syll'esske fight their way home and as the hounds seem about to catch them, the wards of Slaanesh fling them back. [3a][4b]

Age of Chaos

Syll'Esske secretly corrupts Bront Quartzthumb of the Duardin hold of Karak Zorkai who creates clockwork war-golems known as the Gilt Menagerie to repel the invasions of Tzeentch. After a string of disappearances it is revealed that the war-golems are powered by machine as well as sinew and stolen duardin organs bound together in dread symbiosis. However when the hold is rallied it is already too late as the Vengful Allegiance and its carnival of supplicants manifest using the duardin’s tainted soul as a gateway. Karak Zorkai is soon remade as a mountainous pleasure palace for Syll’Esske’s favoured champions.[4b]

Age of Sigmar

In the Age of Sigmar, raiders of the Fuethán enclave are in turn ambushed by the Vengeful Allegiance and their horde of daemons and mortal worshippers of Slaanesh, they are caught between the two forces and both the Idoneth and their captured souls are devoured by the handmaidens of the Dark Prince. A great festival in the wealthy city of Bleinhaim attracts the attention of Syll'Esske who is summoned by cultists to join the carnival - they enthral the populace who when the local Freeguild try to intervene - tear the militia to pieces. The citizens of the city join the host of the Vengeful Allegiance. [3a]

A Warrior Chamber of the Knights Excelsior, the Dawnbreakers discovers a cult of Slaanesh in Sigyorn in the Realm of Chamon - they quickly begin a brutal purge but their actions enrage Syll'Esske who at the next new moon attacks them with their host of mortals and daemons. The resulting battle is long and fierce but when the sun rises all the Stormcast have been slain. [3a]

Wargear and Abilities

In battle Syll Lewdtongue and Esske fight with a deadly symbiosis. Syll is armed with a Scourging Whip while Esske attacks with his Axes of Dominion, each strike creating an opening for the other to take advantage of while striding across the battlefield with uncanny swiftness. While Esske's regal authority causes him to be is revered as a mighty ruler by their followers, Syll unleashes magical powers against the enemy and can torment the foe with whispers and visions to distract them from their duties.[2]


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