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Syll'Esske leading the armies of Slaanesh in battle against Orruks

Syll Lewdtongue is an Herald of Slaanesh that is part of Syll'Esske through a symbiotic bond with her consort, the Daemon Prince Esske.[1a][2]


Syll Lewdtongue was a Herald of Slaanesh that inspired thousands of warlords to acts of tyranny and misrule, however Syll was spurned by Slaanesh's courtiers for growing too attached to those the Herald had chosen for inspiration. Although she was incredibly skilled with blade and insult, her imagination gloriously vicious she was mocked by the other handmaidens of Slaanesh as a lovelorn debutante who followed those she should be grinding beneath her spiked heels.[3a]

However her skill in motivating others won her allies even as she sought to inspire a ultimate creation to bring before Slaanesh himself - she played her part in the rise of the Keeper of Secrets Aspho Mhel'Daraxes and they still swap secrets together. Among the mortals was Esske a hulking mortal war-slave who gained the attention of Syll as she watched him in the gladiatorial gardens of her god's realm, seeing something glorious in his jaded soul and every night she would seek to persuade and inspire to reach new heights.[3a]

As Syll became his patron and only spoke wisdom in the weaknesses of his opponents resulting in his meteoric rise, becoming a champion swollen with the glory of Slaanesh and he slowly approached the gory of the Palace of Slaanesh. Yet, sister-rivals found the two of them still slumbering following a victory feast and slaughtered her with her own blade. Dispelled to the depths of the Realm of Chaos as little more than shapeless essence, she still managed to bargain with the Forge of Souls, her skills of persuasion enabling her to strike a deal, although at great cost. [3a]

She was remade as a Soul Grinder, bound to that form until she had claimed a thousand souls for the masters of the Forge - although those daemons do not intend that any of their creations ever escape. However when Syll was dispatched to the Mortal Realms she very quickly racked up a formidable total and so their agents ensured she once again found her way to the gardens, but with less and less memory of a former life. Syll cuts a bloody swathe across the Ten Paradises of the Realm of Hysh.[3a]

Even as the forces of Khorne assaulted the gardens, the daemons of that realm were more concerned with their own amusements and the courtiers gathered to watch her arrival in the gladiatorial arenas and what would be the final kill that would gain her release. Her beloved protege was flung against her and the two fought hard, neither knowing the other but as the giant champion was about to strike a mortal blow, he recognised something of her essence, scent and stayed his blade. He refused to fight her and dropped his axe, closing his eyes even as she rose up to strike him. [3a]

Ripping his eyes out and slitting his throat at the same time, she achieved her final tally and was released but to her horror was confronted by the fallen form of Esske and the perverse glee of the spectators. Yet even as his soul began to drift away she inhaled it and then with a kiss breathed it back into his body, cutting her own wrist to spill her blood into his throat. Perhaps by the grace of their patron god - Esske lived again, but blinded. [3a]

The arena was invaded by the forces of Khorne and only by working together were they able to survive, their symbiotic relationship growing in power as they fought the enemies of their god. They fought together into the very palace of Slaanesh, dispatching many bloodletter's and even defying a trio of Bloodthirster's in the throne room, fighting them to a standstill until the Greater Daemons were overwhelmed finally by a horde of Fiends. [3a]

In this they finally found great favour with the Dark Prince, who was delighted that he had not had to exert himself in swatting the intruders but rather a blind mortal and a broken daemonette had defeated such champions of the Blood God. The Chamber rang to his languid applause and the pair were remade by his glory both returned to the peek of their powers and beyond as Syll'Esske - the Vengeful Allegiance. They then went out into the court and the gardens and enacted bloody vengeance on those who had tormented them. [3a]

Wargear and Abilities

In battle Syll and Esske fight with a deadly symbiosis with Syll armed with a Scourging Whip. Each of their strikes creates an opening for the other to take advantage of while striding across the battlefield with uncanny swiftness. Syll can unleash magical powers against the enemy and can torment the foe with whispers and visions to distract them from their duties.[2]


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