Sylarc Greyblood

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Sylarc Greyblood miniature.

Sylarc Greyblood is a Khainite Shadowstalker that is part of the Shadeborn warband that was sent to Nethermaze.[1][2]


He and the rest of his warband went into the Harrowdeep to hunt down seditionists, but were secretely led to find a way to harness the power of the Nethermaze for Morathi.[1][2]


He wields umbral magic paired with a repeater handbow with the same level of precision and lethality. He can leap into shadows to access the Umbral Web and reappear elsewhere.[2]


He wields Assassin's Blade in close range and a Repeater Handbow with Cursed Missles in long range.[2]



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