Swords of Sigmar

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The Swords of Sigmar are a Mercenary Company composed of Humans, an Aelfs and a Duardin.[1]

Regimental Structre


Valen Saul hired Borik as a bodyguard and he served with them for several years. [1c]

They were hired by the Olmori tribe to recover their ancestrial treasures and bring them back to High Crag where they would be paid. [1a]

Varlen found and wore an magical crown, despite the concerns of his brother and other members of the warband. It warned him of a Beastman ambush in the Ash Hills but in the ruins of Stonehallow the artefact suddnely turned him into a rampaging mutating monster, killing dozens of villagers before he was overcome and burnt. However he screamed out a last warning befoer he died - that the Moonshadow brings death to Draconium. His grieving brother decided to take the warning to the city. [1a]