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The Swamp-Cantons also called Swamp-towns [2] are isolated fiefdoms scattered across the Greywater Reach that are beholden to the Free City of Greywater Fastness. These small fiefs can consist of a single solitary keep in the marshes, a collection of small villages, or even encompass an entire town.[1a]



The Swamp-towns were founded and settled by Jadebloods, Ghyranite reclaimed that survived the Age of Chaos. Many of these communities have a relatively better and more intimate relationship with the Sylvaneth.[2]


The worship of Alarielle and Kurnoth are prominent in the Cantons, often even more than that of Sigmar.[2]


Known Swamp-Cantons

There are believed to be at least a hundred Swamp-Cantons of varying sizes in the swamps of the Greywater Reach.[1a]



  • Road Agents: A loose confederation of gossipmongers and couriers who work for the Cities of Sigmar as mail couriers. They maintain posts in each of the Cantons.[1c]