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An Auralan Warden from Ymetrica carrying a Warden's Pike, made from Sunmetal.

Sunmetal is a magical enchanted metal used by the Lumineth Realm-lords from the Realm of Hysh. Each piece of Sunmetal has basked in the light of Hysh, sometimes for centuries at a time.[1a]


The most common version of Sunmetal weapons can be found among the warriors of the Vanari. When combined with the right mystical phrases, the tip of each will start to burn white-hot.[1a]

  • Warden's Pikes: The main weapon of the Auralan Warden. Sunmetal tipped spears that, when activated by their bearer, can melt trough thick breastplates in an instant. Its said each pike burns with the power of a sun.[1a]
  • Sunmetal-tipped arrows: Used by the Auralan Sentinels. Each arrow fired by their many-stringed bows is tipped with pure sunmetal. A single glowing arrow can burn the unfortunate victim from the inside out.[1a][1b]
  • Sunmetal Lances: Carried by the Dawnriders on their swift Xintilian Stallions. When activated their lances break trough enemy formations with ease, living scattered ash and a trail of blazing cinder in their wake.[1a]