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Sungems, also known as Shards of Hysh, are multi-faceted gems that first came to the Undercity of Brightspear when the Agloraxians still ruled over the city and used the Realmgate within to raide and pillage other Realms.[1a]


When a Sungem is touched or shaken it will begin to emit a glow. The colour and intensity of this glow varies greatly from one Sungem to the next.[1a]


They are one of the most common artefacts recovered from the Undercity of Brightspear and as such are sold cheaply in the markets of Brightspear proper.[1a]


The glow emitted by a Sungem is intense enough that it can be used in place of a torch or similar device.[1a]

They are often worked into lamps, jewelry, and other devices. But like much of the artefacts recovered from the Undercity they are fragile and can be incredibly dangerous due to the magical energy stored within them.[1a]

Adventurers are known to use this fragility to their advantage, for when damaged a sungem emits a blinding flash that will temporarily blind those around it.[1a]