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Saurus Sunblood[1a]

A Saurus Sunblood is an ancient saurus that has grown in strength of power over centuries of war and now glow with the azure energies of the Celestial Realm.[1a]


Sunbloods are rare amongst the Seraphon. They are the most ancient of the saurus, having grown in strength and power over centures of conflict, with many of them being heroes whose deeds date back to the Age of Myth. Some scholars believe that they were the first saurus to be called forth from the stars, and have existed almost as long as the Mortal Realms themselves, where they grew strong off the magic of Azyr. Others claim that Sunbloods are an evolution of the serapho themselves, possibly even the first step into something new as yet undreamt of. The saurus themselves hold a different understanding of the Sunblood. They believe the Sunbloods are fragments of the past, pieces of a lost war deity of the seraphon remade in celestial form. Rather, they believe the Sunbloods are nothing less than avatars of battle, that walk the realms with the sole purpose of destroying Chaos and their followers.[1a] Amongst the Coalesced, Sunbloods are trated as demigods by their saurus kin, who view them tangible links to the distant light of Azyr's stars.[2a]


Sunbloods are often entrusted to defend vital areas of a ziggurat, particularly the sacred spawning pools. In battle, Sunbloods typically leave Oldbloods to consider matters of greater strategy, Sunbloods are adapt at determining weaknesses in an enemy battleline. As the crucial juncture of a battle arrives, the scarred Sunblood will let loose a blood-chilling roar, causing his kin to instinctually respond by falling upon the chosen enemy and tearing them to bloody tatters.[2a]


The vast majority of Sunbloods have fought since the earliest days of the Age of Myth, and new spawnings are always heralded by the most portentous celestial alignments. Some of those within the skink priesthood believe that a wellspring of concentrated Azyrite energy dwells within each Sunblood; a power that never truly fades, making them truly star-blessed even if they take physical form.[2a]


Whatever the truth of their origins, there is no doubt that Sunbloods possess a terrible potency when they take to the battle. Not only are their skills in combat in legendary, their celestial forms have been exposed to the flames of war so often that they now perceive enemy weaknesses as other creatures might scent blood upon a wounded animal. Burning with the azure light of the Celestial Realm, they smash apart enemy ranks with weapons wreathed in halos of starlight whilst roaring their dominance to the heavens.[1a]



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