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A list of spells that are specific to certain units or factions in the Seraphon army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Blazing Starlight Skink Starpriest Calls the light of a distant star to the battlefield, bathing an enemy unit in starlight, making their attacks less likely to hit. Skink Starpriest warscroll
Celestial Deliverance Lord Kroak The spirits surrounding the caster's palanquin explode outwards affecting enemy units only. Chaos Daemons are specially hated by these spirits, tearing into them with something similar to glee, giving them more grievous wounds. Lord Kroak warscroll
Comet's Call Lord Kroak The consciousness of caster in Azyr can summon a cluster of comets and sends them into the enemies ranks. Lord Kroak warscroll
Control Fate Skink Starseer A spell that manipulates the fate of any unit it is cast on. Enemies are hailed by misfortune, while friendly Seraphon are helped along by fate. Starseer warscroll
Curse of Fates Skink Starseer A spell that manipulates the fate of any unit it is cast on. Skink Starseer warscroll
Light of the Heavens Slann Starmaster Bathes the battlefield in purest starlight, improving the chances of Celestial Daemons from resisting the horrors of war. On the other hand Chaos Daemons have their chances diminished. Slann Starmaster warscroll
Summon Starlight Skink Starpriest Calls the light of a distant star to the battlefield, bathing a unit in starlight. If that unit it is a Seraphon it weakens attacks against it, if it's not, all attacks it makes are weakened. Any Chaos Daemon that is bathed in this light also suffers wounds. Skink Starpriest warscroll
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