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Sulphur-Vitriol, also known as Aqshian Vitriol, is a potent acid, considered perfect for etching metal, that comes from the Adamantine Chain in the Great Parch.[1a]


It is traded in the nations of Aspiria and Bataar.[1a] Some dedicated scribes and artists have even found ways to utilize Sulphur-Vitriol to replicate images and texts.[2a]


Sulphur-Vitriol is used to etch writing into metal.[1a] Artists will also use the substance to etch works of art into metal.[2a]

The Freeguild defenders of the walls of Excelsis employ Sulphur-Vitriol in the defenses of the city, containing it within fat-smeared cauldrons that are poured onto anyone trying to scale the walls of the city.[3a]