Strangler-kelp Noose

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Strangler-kelp Nooses are self-binding nooses produced in the Free City Misthåvn as restraints or deadly weapons. [1a][2a]


Strangler-kelp Nooses are produced using Strangler-kelp, a type of marine algae found in the oceans of the Mortal Realms with the ability move with tits own apparent sentience to tie itself and lash out at potential predators. The people of Misthåvn has perfected the art of harvesting them and processing them into self-binding nooses which can be used both as restraints and weapons.[2a]


The wielder can instruct a Strangler-kelp Noose to bind selected objects until instructed to release them. It can be also used as a melee weapon. While extremely tough it is not indestructible and large enemies or strong attacks can break them.[2a]