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Stormvermin are the fighting elite of the Clans Verminus. They are easily distinguishable from the lesser Clanrats as they are a full head taller, with thick, muscular necks and a powerful build. They are marked from birth by their stature, their dark-hued fur and their willingness to savagely dominate the lesser Skaven around them.[1]

Stormvermin clawpacks have access to the best gear in their clan's armoury and are assigned important duties such as bodyguards for Clawlords, defending crucial clan assets such as armouries, food stores, breeder pens and in battle they are deployed as vanguard line-breakers, enforcers and shock troops. In return, Stormvermin are given favoured status with the right to feed first upon the fallen from battle or any insolent enough to attempt before them and are even granted their own slaves and warrens to lord over.[1]



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