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Dragon Ogor 01.jpeg
A Dragon Ogor.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beasts of Chaos
Main grouping Stormherd
Major characters Krakanrok the Black
Allies Gor-kin
Races Dragon Ogor
Spell lores Lore of Dark Storms
Endless spells Doomblast Dirgehorn
Ravening Direflock
Wildfire Taurus

In the World-that-Was, the mighty ancestors of the Thunderscorn struck a pact with the gods of Chaos to gain immortality at the cost of seemingly eternal bondage to the dark powers. They are known as the Sons of the Storm, for they bask in lightning and can even use its energies to heal themselves when they go to war.[1a]


The centauroid Dragon Ogors often fight alongside other Beasts of Chaos, but when they gather in great numbers under their ancient Shaggoths, they form Thunderscorn Stormherds and march out from their mountain peaks under storm clouds, unnatural lightning, and deafening peals of thunder.[2a][2d]

The Thunderscorn are immortal and continue to nurse grievances from ages past. Sigmar cast them out of the Realm of Azyr early in the Age of Myth, and ever since they have sought to humble him and smash his precious cities to rubble in revenge for the humiliation he imposed upon them.[2a] Even older is their grudge against Kragnos, whose people fought a devastating war against their kind before Sigmar walked the realms.[4a] But their oldest, bitterest bile is reserved for the Chaos Gods, who bound them in servitude in a time before time.[2a]

While their ancient grudges and Chaos pacts are reason enough for them to head to war, the Thunderscorn do sometimes fight for other reasons. Chief among them is to recover lost weapons crafted during their time in Azyr. When Sigmar cast out their kind, he also cast out the weapons they had left behind, which fell to the lower realms like comets. More than one city has been destroyed simply to recover a mace or axe buried deep beneath its streets.[2c]


The Thunderscorn at war are as unsubtle and implacable as the tempests they fight under. They advance on the foe at speed, aided by the howling winds of their unnatural storms, and fall on the foe with the force of a hurricane. Lightning dances around them, reinvigorating them and electrocuting their enemies, while they tear with their claws and swing their heavy, ancient weapons that hit like thunderclaps. When their target lies broken before them, they surge onwards, a deadly squall of elemental violence moving through the enemy ranks.[2a][2c]


The territories of the Thunderscorn are marked with Herdstones which are more like monolithic lightning rods than the crude stone effigies of other Beasts of Chaos. When gathering for war, the Thunderscorn gather at the largest herdstone in their territory - often a magnetic mountain or mesa about which swirls a Chaotic gale.[2a]

Once they have raided their fill, the Thunderscorn return to their herdstones bearing offerings. Should these offerings prove worthy, storms begin to swirl about the herdstones, and the Thunderscorn enter a state of torpor to sleep, regenerate, and wait until the next sufficiently powerful storm reawakens them to fight again.[2c]



  • It is believed that long ago, in earliest days of the World-That-Was, the ancestors of the Dragon Ogors made a pact with the Dark Gods: The gods would grant them eternal life in exchange for everlasting servitude.[1a][2a]

Before the Ages

  • After the destruction of the World-That-Was, one ancient Dragon Ogor of immense size - Krakanrok the Black - makes his way to the Mortal Realms and repopulates the race.[2a][2b]
  • For a time, the Dragon Ogors believe that the Realm of Azyr was the post-apocalyptic paradise promised as a reward for their ancestors' service to Chaos, but they soon discover that they are mistaken and the pact still binds them.[4a]
  • In the Realm of Ghur, Thunderscorn tribes migrating from Azyr settle in the region that in later ages would be called the Thunderscorn Peaks. This provokes the War of Thirteen Peaks between the tribes and the Drogrukh and Draconith that nearly drive the Dragon Ogors in the region to extinction, though some still inhabit the Thunderscorn Peaks to this day.[3a]

Age of Myth

  • The arrival of Sigmar in Azyr spells the end of Thunderscorn in the Heavens. They resist the newly awakened God-King's attempts to impose order on the realm, but after a series of bloody wars so fierce that they cause lighting storms to erupt across all the Mortal Realms, Sigmar is victorious. The surviving Dragon Ogors are cast out of the Heavens and banished to the remote wilderness of the lower realms.[2a][2b]
  • The banished Thunderscorn realize that Krakanrok is not among their number even though none saw him fall in battle. Many set out to search for him, though none are successful.[2a]
  • The bitterness at their banishment and their territory in the remote wilderness makes the Thunderscorn natural allies of the gor-kin, and the two join forces to attack Sigmar's beloved civilizations whenever they can.[4a]

Age of Chaos

  • The Thunderscorn, long content to brood and raid, bring down their full force on Sigmar's domains. They cast down countless bastions of Order, but the God-King seals the Gates of Azyr before they can attempt to retake their ancient lands.[2a]
  • Entire Stormherds shout challenges to the cowardly Sigmar from the highest peaks during fierce storms for the rest of the Age of Chaos, daring him to reopen the Gates of Azyr so that they can retake the Heavens.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

  • The arrival of the Stormcast Eternals is welcomed by the Thunderscorn, who see it as Sigmar finally answering their challenge.[2a]
  • A Tzeentch-aligned group of Thunderscorn eliminate the Fyreslayers of the Dontos Mountains. When the skaven attempt to take the magmaholds from them, the Thunderscorn retreat to the surface. Nine Shaggoths summon bolts of multicoloured lightning that seal the entrance to the mountains, and the mutated caverns devour the trapped rat-men.[2b]


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