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Dragon Ogor 01.jpeg
A Dragon Ogor.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Beasts of Chaos
Main grouping Greatfray
Races Dragon Ogor
Spell lores Lore of Dark Storms
Endless spells Doomblast Dirgehorn
Ravening Direflock
Wildfire Taurus

In the World-that-Was, the mighty ancestors of the Thunderscorn struck a pact with the gods of Chaos in which whilst they gained immortality it was at a cost - seemingly eternal bondage to the dark powers. They are known as the Sons of the Storm for they bask in lightning and can even use its energies to heal themselves when they go to war.[1]


There is no beast of the wild more dominant or terrifying than the Dragon Ogor Shaggoth. Looking down upon civilization from atop the highest peaks, their hatred and disdain manifests as a growing tempest. From their bellowing calls the mountains shake to their foundations and lighting stikes from the skies. These declarations of disaster serve as portent of the Shaggoth's coming, however any preparations or fortifications made can only serve as paltry impediments to the Shaggoth's relentless fury.[2]

Shaggoths are the largest of the Dragon Ogors, who continue to grow with age. Though Dragon Ogors are immune to death by age, they can slain in battle. Thus, only the most ferocious and wilful of the Thunderscorn can survive long enough to become Shaggoths. Those that do are revered by demigods amongst the Thunderscorn and other Beasts of Chaos. Each Shaggoth rules over vast domains, with their Dragon Ogor beastherds scattered across huge mountage ranges and across sprawling lightining-barrens. It is therefore rare for a Shaggoth to encounter a creature large or bold enough to challenge it, but should it cross pass with another Dragon Ogor Shaggoth, the brutal battle shall split the heavens itself with their fury.[2]


Units Dragon Ogor Warrior - Dragon Ogor Shaggoth
Characters Bezarkrak
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