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A Stormfiend.

Stormfiends are freakish hybrids of already horrific Rat Ogors with Skryre arcano-technology. They are purchased in a still-gestative state from the Moulders they are biologically boosted with warpstone serums and augmented with skin-fused armour plates. [1a]

Stormfiends overcome the greatest weakness suffered by unaugmented Rat Ogors – that of a very small brain. This is achieved by the gruesome expedient of suturing atrophied ‘brain-skaven’ directly to their backs. These vile beings are fused to their monstrous charges with wires and tubes, their own bodies withering until they become little more than auxiliary minds whose only purpose is to guide the Stormfiends and direct their fury. This, combined with their phenomenal resilience, virtual immunity to pain and shield-crushing strength, makes them a true terror. [1a]


The Stormfiends are armed with an arsenal of spectacularly destructive weaponry.They can be armed with Ratling Cannons, that can lay down screaming hails of hot warp-lead bullets. Those with Warpfire Projectors shoot torrents of green-black flame over great distances. By comparison, Stormfiends with Doomflayer Gauntlets annihilate their enemies in hand-to-hand combat with huge motorised iron balls and arrays of whirring blades. Those bearing Shock Gauntlets are transformed into walking lightning-generators, lethal energies arcing off them in all directions to annihilate anyone luckless enough to be stood nearby, whilst those with Grinderfists combine the ability to tunnel through the bedrock of the battlefield and attack from unexpected quarters with the capacity to churn through armour, flesh and bone with hideous efficiency. [1a]


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