Stone of Falling Skies

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Stone of Falling Skies is a cursed artefact made out of a shard of pure Realmstone corrupted by a Chaos Sorcerer. It has gravity-twisting powers capable of disrupting the primordial magic that kept the Transient Isles floating. It took down two islands before the Sorcerer was stopped by the Eldritch Council.[2a]

It is kept under guard in the Dawnspire by both its Swifthawk Agent guardians and the mages of the White Tower of Synarsis. Three Archmages sacrificed themselves in a spell-trance to keep the fell power of the artefact in check and to protect their homelands.[1]

The Skaven Warlord Ripsnikk and his Raiders invaded the Dawnspire, because his spies told him of an aelfstone or aelfy stone that had the power to bring mountains tumbling down and tear great cities from the sky.[2b]