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The Stone-sleep is the state Fyreslayers believe they enter after death, provided the proper rites and rituals are observed. Just as a coal burns bright but is eventually reduced to ash, they believe their being returns to the stone, fire, and metal that forged them.[1a]

Awakening and Reforging

The Fyreslayers believe that they will be awakened from the stone-sleep for Doomgron, the battle at the end of days. The duardin gods and ancestors will judge the slumbering duardin and reforge the worthy in the order they passed away, starting with the first to walk the realms. A Fyreslayer who did not receive the proper death rites might never be reincarnated to join the final fyrd alongside their kin since they were never properly ushered into the stone-sleep.[1a][2a]

This belief that they will all be reborn for the final battle is also another reason for Fyreslayers to keep their oaths to one another; no matter what happens in this life, they will meet again at Doomgron.[3a]