Steelheart's Champions

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{{{3}}} Steelheart's Champions
Steelheart's Champions vs Garrek's Reavers 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Stormcast Eternals
Sub-Faction Hammers of Sigmar
Leader Severin Steelheart
Members Obryn the Bold
Angharad Brightshield

Steelheart's Champions are a warband Liberators under the command of Liberator-Prime Severin Steelheart. The group was dispatched to Shadespire alongside The Farstriders to investigate cures for the ailment of memory loss following reforging. Now they find themselves trapped, separated from their kin and from each other, with only the whispers of the dead to guide them home.[3] Since becoming trapped in the soul-torn reflection that is the Mirrored City, they have learned more of shadeglass than any other in Sigmar’s hosts[6].


Realmgate Wars

This warband has fought in Sigmar's wars since the Gates of Azyr were first opened.[5a][5b]


They were once simple Liberators, sent to reinforce the Knight-Questor Kantar Gloryborn on his mission to delve into the bleached ruins of Shadespire and investigate rumours of a strange, magical glass that held power over mortality. Fighting through the undead denizens of the Desert of Bones, Gloryborn and Steelheart made their way into the desiccated, soulless remnants of the city that had once been Shadespire. There the Liberators became separated from their fellows during a battle with a gang of brutish orruks that were sacking the Necropolis of Trense. That attack was so intense that a section of the necropolis fell away, plunging Steelheart and his fellows into the labyrinth beneath. Seeking to reunite with the rest of the brotherhood, Steelheart and his fellows came through the cave networks to find their way blocked by an underground river – made not just of water, but of trillions of angular pieces of broken glass. Wading across it, they were assailed by a great surge of water, which carried them over the Waterfall of Shards. When they emerged, half-drowned, they were no longer in Shyish, but the twilight realm that is the Mirrored City.[6]

Mirrored City

Since the day of their arrival, Steelheart and his warriors have been trapped, unable to find their way out and forced to constantly battle the countless warbands of foes who have also found their way into this place. It is an endless cycle, for even should they be overcome, they awake the next day to face their ordeal again, for all in the Mirrored City are cursed by Nagash to endure an eternity of inescapable death. Steelheart and his champions did once find the Waterfall of Shards flowing backwards, but learned it would only bear the weight of one of their number. Instead of separating, they sent a cache of soul-rich shadeglass back to Shyish, hoping it would be found by their old comrades so they could unlock the mysteries within.[6]

Meanwhile, Severin Steelheart would work to rally other Stormcasts and other sane citizens of the Mirrored City to find a viable route of escape. During the events of Shadespire: The Mirrored City, he would work under the direction of the Katophrane Sadila Hausa, who claimed that should all the pieces of the Faneway Mirror be collected, she would be able to rebuild the great construct and allow all those trapped within the Mirrored City to escape. In reality, Sadila was not sure this was possible, and merely sought to collect forces under her like game pieces as part of a wider game played between bored Katophranes, who take glee in watching battles between groups within the Mirrored City. Ultimately, Sadila's game would come to an end, when her primary commanders (including Severin) were betrayed by Seguin Reynar under the direction of the mysterious Chaos Warrior named Zuvass, who orchestrated the much of the events within the Mirrored City. Together, Zuvass and Reynar would slay Severin (who likely revived elsewhere), after Severin nearly executed Reynar.[4]


Severin Steelheart

Liberator-Prime Severin Steelheart is a veteran of countless battles, and a charismatic and respected leader. His warriors would follow him even to the gates of the Blood God's citadel.[4a]

Obryn the Bold

A bull-heated giant of a man, Obryn the Bold was always the first to laught and make jest - until his third Reforging. Now he speaks little, and only seems at peace in the heat of battle.[4b]

Angharad Brightshield

In another life, Angharad Brightshield was a smith, whose master-crafted blades were desired by warriors far and wide. Now she puts her hammer to the task of purging heathens and savages, a calling she has joyfully embraced.[4c]



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