Steam-piston Plate Mail

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Steam-Piston Plate Mail is a marvel of Ironweld engineering and artifice, created in the factories of the Free City of Greywater Fastness.[1a][2a]


Steam-Piston Plate Mail is specially designed gromril plate mail developed by the Ironweld Arsenal of Greywater Fastness, and it is often said only someone who grew up in that factory-choked city could tolerate wearing this screeching, hissing contraption into battle.[1a]


This bulky heavy armour is outfitted with a complex set of steam-powered pistons that propel the suit and its wearer forward. Without them the sheer weight of the armour would leave most occupants unable to move, such is the case if the armour becomes too heavily damaged.[1a]


Those who use Steam-Piston Plate Mail are forced to move ponderously slow, their movements relying on the pistons that power the armour and they'd be unable to use most mounts, as few are able to carry the sheer bulk of the armour. But they'll find the bulky armour adds considerable protection and makes their unarmed attacks devastating to those that would get in their way.[1a]