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Steam-Wagons, or Steam Wagons, are steam-powered wagons that have been in use since the Age of Myth. In the Age of Sigmar they are still employed by the forces of the Ironweld Arsenal and Freeguilds of the Cities of Sigmar.[1a][2a][3a]


Steam-Wagons require no animals to pull them. Instead, such a wagon relies on an internal boiler situated beneath the cupola that houses the driver. The wagon itself is a blocky, narrow vehicle made of wood and iron. Attached to the cupola is a bed that can carry passengers, goods, or an artillery piece. In some designs the bed is affixed to the front of the cupola, while in others it is affixed to the back.[1a][1b][2a]


These steam-powered wagons are often used to transport the specialized gear, supplies, and ammunition that the Ironweld and Freeguild use in war and reclamation.[1a][2a] They are also used to carry artillery pieces in the midst of battle.[1b]

In the Age of Myth

In the days of the Age of Myth such wagons were employed by the Duardin of the Mortal Realms to transport goods and passengers. Duardin of Syar, some of whom would go on to found some of the guilds that would one day join together to become the Ironweld Arsenal, used Steam Wagons in their exodus to the Realm of Azyr.[2a]

In the Age of Sigmar

The Dawnbringer Crusades that set out from the Cities of Sigmar employ a great number of steam-wagons to transport supplies, ammunition, and personnel.[4a][5a] The Wildercorps of the Freeguilds have also been known to use them for the same purpose, they are also used as makeshift palisades for their encampments.[6a]