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Steam-Tankers are duardin-built sea vessels used for trade and transport.[1a]


Steam-Tankers are duardin-built vessels designed for function over aesthetics. Such vessels are made of metal and are incredibly bulky, employed arrays of mechanized oars to direct them during their voyages. Excess smog from a tankers' engines are dispersed by two chimneys jutting from their tops.[1a]

Passengers often times find these vessels to be foul-smelling, cramped, and unpleasant to behold. But few can deny that these ships are less than sturdy fortresses in the midst of the dangers of the high seas of the Mortal Realms.[1a]

The engine of the Pride of Talyn, a known example of a Steam-Tanker, is powered by brown, acidic fuels that are mixed with Starwater.[1a]

Known Steam-Tankers

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