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Star Bridges are arcane pathways that are directly connected to Sigmarabulum, the World-Ring. They are used to transport Stormcast Eternals to and from their Stormkeeps, allowing for quick mobilization and bolstering of ranks, ensuring the Stormhosts remain at full fighting strength.[1a]


These arcane pathways lay within the Stormkeeps, which are often located in the hearts of Cities of Sigmar, and play a vital role in maintaining the war efforts of the Stormhosts. Maintenance of them falls to the Sacrosanct Chambers and Relictor Temples.[1a]

They are powered by spirit-energy, often acquired from Stormcast Eternals who willingly sacrifice themselves, often after having experienced too many Reforgings upon the Anvil of Apotheosis.[1a]


Star Bridges allow Stormcast Eternals to swiftly travel to and from Azyrite fortresses, such as the Sigmarabulum, to their Stormkeeps in other Realms, thus allowing Stormhosts to continue to maintain fighting strength.[1a]

Star Bridges are also vital for drawing in the souls of slain Stormcasts from miles around, dragging them heavensward to be Reforged upon the Anvil of Apotheosis.[1a]

Known Star Bridges