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Splitfang was the Clawlord of Clan Skrabb during its final days.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

At some point Clawlord Splitfang and his Clan Skrabb come into conflict with Eshin Clan Stryk over the ruins of a duardin karak. After a long conflict, the assassins of Stryk retreat and Splitfang claims victory, leading his forces to sweep through the karak.[1a]

Mere days later the Realmgate at the peak of the mountain the karak is located in, opens. A force of Astral Templars led by Lord-Celestant Proudhelm marches through the Realmgate. Splitfang is personally slain by the Stormcast commander.[1a]


Splitfang, like many of his kind, was an egomaniacal entity.[1a]


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