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The Splintered Fang are a warrior cult who worship the Coiling Ones.[1]


The Shamans of the cult are considered blessed by the daemonic entities of strength and cunning that they call the Coiling Ones. They are able to brew deadly poisons, enhancing their serpent familiars toxin which they gift to the warriors to coat blade and barb enabling them to strike down their enemies with ease. [1a]

Theer are still some within the cult that secretly worship Nagendra rather than his children. [1b]


Their ancestors were tribespeople in the jungles of Invidia who worshipped a pantheon of animalistic deities that included the Godbeast Nagendra but this was corrupted by Chaos and their loyalty clamined by the Coiling Ones, daemonic entities claiming to be children of the Serpent Father. They then wiped out the other tribes of the area and tossed captives into snake pits, taking only those not slain by their toxins into the growing cult. This custom still continues with captured enemies. [1b]

Warriors of the cult serve as mercenaries for Chaos Lords. [1b]

Common Warband Origins

  • Ophidian Guard: The Guards of Temples dedicated to the Coiling Ones. [1b]
  • Pit Vipers: Warbands that served as brutal trainers of Splintered Fang warriors.[1b]
  • Venom-blooded: Those who have tested the blessed poisons of the Coiling Ones on their own flesh.[1b]
  • Faithful of Nagendra: Warbands who secretly worship Nagendra, not the Cooiling Ones.[1b]
  • Mercenaries: Those warbands that have served as mercenaries to many Chaos Lords.[1b]
  • Converts: Warbands of rival tribes subsumed by the Splintered Fang.[1b]


Some of the cult are blessed with specific mutations such as smooth-scaled skin, unblinking eyes or caustic black blood. [1b]


  • Humans
  • Snakes: Tainted by the touch of the Coiling Ones, the serpents that serve the cult have flesh eating venom and are unaturally clever. [2]



Neophyte cultists who look to prove their devotion to the Coiling Ones by acting as foot soldiers. [2]


Master duelists and survivors of the Serpent's kiss ritual. [2]

Serpent Caller

The shamans and priests of the cult, able to use living serpents as weapons. [2]


Trueblood champions have blinding speed and uncanny reflexes, said to be a rsult of the Coiling Ones blood in their veins. [2]


Veteran warriors of the cult, they can wield a variety of poisoned weapons. [2]



One cut, one kill.[a]


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