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Lord Splinterbone, Baron of the Bloodwind Spoil is a Abhorrant Ghoul King that rules over many mordants in the Bloodwind Spoil. [1a]


For many centuries, he has had an uneasy truce with the nearby Chaos Warbands of the Spoil, feasting on intruders but mostly keeping to himself. Many mordants that fled to the Eightpoints away from Nagash now serve him. [1a]

He and his followers devoured the Scarsoul tribe. [1a]

Since the invasion from Realm of Shyish however and the creation of the Arx Terminus, it is likely that Splinterbone will be forced to reconsider his current neutrality. [1a]

Thb Royal Hunt

On occassion, Lord Splinterbone will rise from his feasting and declare a great hunt of the monsters plaguing kis kingdom, gathering his knights to ride forth against them. Zombie Dragons or Terrorgheists that are hunted may be destroyed or bound to his service. Sometimes, other lords of Death and their own followers may join him, either sharing his delusions or using the opportunity for their own ends. [1b]


A toast! A toast, I say, to the gallant knights of the Crimson Font! Such skill! Such daring! Such worthy displays of valour! Now then, in their honour - let the grand feast begin!

~ Lord Splinterbone.[1a]


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