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Spite-Revenants attacking Mordants.

Spite-Revenants are Sylvaneth.

When the sylvaneth are mustered to war, the Spite-Revenants also answer the call and will fling themselves into battle with wanton abandon, madness churning in their eyes and their very shadows twisting unnaturally. As they go to war, Dryads sing their war songs, but the Spite-Revenants scream a nerve tearing cacophony of terror and hate.Needs Citation




I an Du'gath, of the Loneroot. Your presence defiles the sanctity of this enclave. These woodlands do not want you here. Their roots squirm at your passing.

~ Du'gath to Nellas the Harvester .[3]

These spirits do as they will. It is not Alarielle’s song that they hear, but a rather more primal melody, and darker by far, sung by one whose will is as tangled as the roots of this forest. You know of whom I speak

~ A spirit to Sir Roggen.[4]


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