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The Spirit Song is the song of power that Alarielle first sang as she sowed the Soul-Pods that would birth the first Sylvaneth. [1a]

The Spirit-Song is not just a source of power, it is a message of love and wisdom, binding the sylvaneth to not only their creator goddess but each other. The song still resounds through every generation of the treefolk, audible to them from their very first moments of cognition, through to their deaths. [1a]

It is difficult and dangerous for non-sylvaneth to perceive or experience the song, with only a small element of its able to be expressed in traditional vocal methods. As sylvaneth gather, so the song grows in power and dwindles if they are alone – something that cause them fear. It can also be used in battle, allowing the sylvaneth to co-ordinate their forces with frightening effectiveness. [1a]

When they must fight, the song of war is sent forth by the sylvaneth that leads the army, sending notes of rage and violence through the song, interwoven with threads of vengeance and fealty. It is possible for one of the treefolk to resist the song but it would be rare indeed to do so. [1c]

It may take days or weeks to gather a Wargrove but as it does so, the spirit-song itself grows, becoming a tempest of metaphor and melody rising to a final glorious crescendo that fills all the sylvaneth with vitality and purpose – unleashing nature’s wrath. [1c]

Although the most powerful of the Sylvaneth Noble Spirits – the Treelords and Ancient Treelords can project and receive the Song across hundreds of miles or more, only Alarielle herself can sing across realms. [1d]

When Alarielle was reborn in her Aspect of War during the Realmgate Wars, the spirit-song resounded with new life and energy throughout the Mortal Realms, heralding rebirth, vengeance, rage and war. From this chorus the Sylvaneth were filled with the new strength and resolve to begin the War of Life anew. [1b]


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