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The Spire Tyrants are experienced and famed gladiators that had not only survived but won through the fighting pits of Varanspire.[1a] They roam the Eightpoints in small packs, grouped together in mutually beneficial partnerships led by the most powerful warrior amongst them. [1a] The Tyrants will seek out warlords and Chaos Lords to pledge their blades to but this is seldom for very long and often they find their new master or mistress unworthy and claim their heads.[1b]


As in the fighting pits of the Varanspire, the Spire Tyrants do not ascribe to concepts such as honour or valour. The blood and thunder of the arena has long lost its allure for these warriors. Instead they seek greater tests, venturing out into the lethal wilds of the Eightpoints. There they look for worthy foes and challenges, hoping to earn infamy enough to gain the favour of the Everchosen. These champions retain the names and epithets they earned in the arena. They also maintain the arrogance and showmanship that defines the greatest gladiators, favouring bloody eviscerations and decapitations over a simpler, more efficient kill. The sight of such a gruesome death can steal the nerve from even a veteran fighter.[1c] To mark any territory they claim they erect piles of weapons with the heads of their former wielders upon them. [1b]


The Spire Tyrants eschew subtle tactics. They do not use feints, secret paths, or false retreats. The instead prefer to engage battle directly by charging through the middle. They give no pause to retreating enemies and will move to cut them down.


Pit Champion

The Pit Champion is the greatest warrior amongst the Spire Tyrants. Taking charge through intimidation and brute force, these champions can never let down their guard, for those they command will seize upon the briefest moment of weakness to secure their own ascension.[1a]


Headclaimers are popular champions of the arena that excite the crowd with their flashy beheadings in combat.[2]

Bestigor Destroyer

Where Pit Veterans are the anvil, Bestigor Destroyers are very much the hammer. Hitting absurdly hard, there are few fighters that can stand up to a couple of attacks from these towering brutes.[3]

Frenzied Rager

Some amongst the Spire Tyrants view the battlefield as an arena. These Frenzied Ragers stand alone, recognizing that although they may form alliances in the arena, and then join greater alliances outside it, they are not born to such allegiances.[2]

Pit Veterans

The Pit Veterans are the more seasoned fighters of the warband, with greater stature and better armoured.[1c]

Pit Fighters

The lowest rank amongst the Spire Tyrants are the common Pit Fighters.[3]



We are His chosen.[1a]


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