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Spiceblood is a common currency traded throughout the Realm of Shyish. It is blood that has been scented and spiced in various mundane or exotic ways, and is heavily traded by those mortals living throughout the Grave-Empires of the Soulblight Gravelords.[1a]


Soulblight Vampires require blood to survive due to the curse upon their very souls. Vampires can live upon the blood of willing donors or even animals, but most cursed with the Soulblight are cruel and vicious, preferring their drink spiced with certain emotions from mortal victims.[1a]

Thus blood, especially Spiceblood, has become a common currency throughout the Grave-Empires. It is often even taken as taxes, such a system was in place when Radukar ruled over Ulfenkarn.[2a][2b]

Bottles of blood flavoured in any of various ways are known as Spiceblood, often created by and traded by mortals with the hopes that their vampiric masters will spare them when the time comes to feed. An enterprising merchant can forge a lucrative enterprise catering to the tastes of Vampire Lords.[1a]

Exchange Rates

Spiceblood is not divided into traditional denominations and its value varies wildly from region to region. But on average a bottle of Spiceblood is worth as much as a Sphere of Aqua Ghyranis, a goblet of Spiceblood is worth around the same as a Phial of Aqua Ghyranis, and a vial of Spiceblood is worth a Drop of Aqua Ghyranis.[1a]


Spiceblood comes in many different vintages, much like wine, of varying quality. Blood spiced with terror or the fury of battle is considered to be piquant and is quite popular, but there are those dynasties that prefer mellower flavours that come from a mortal that has lived a life of luxury and indolence.[1b]